There are a large number of rural and acreage fencing options that can be tailored to suit each individual properties needs. These include economic options to mark boundary lines with simple plain wire fences, to more substantial timber and wire fencing solutions for keeping livestock where they belong. There is also the many post and rail configurations to give your property that smart and presentable rural feel. 

It is important to install the most appropriate fencing configuration, depending on the style and design of your property as well as any livestock you may have. 

Post and rail fences

Comprised of Timber, PVC or Steel posts and rails standing around 1200mm tall, with the addition of wire, post and rail fencing is very appealing and is a sound boundary or internal fence for small and medium sized rural properties. 

The treated pine post and rail fence looks exceptionally good with black PVC coated chainmesh. 

White PVC post and triple rail horse fence is very popular on smaller properties. 

Steel post and rail horse fencing is for those serious about the equine industry. 

Wire fences

Wire fences are ideal for keeping livestock such as sheep and cattle where they belong. It is an economical option for longer distances where hundreds of metres or even kilometres of fencing is required.

Wire fences are usually comprised of a 6, 7 or 8 line netting commonly referred to as “Ringlock”. This is a brand of fence netting that describes a particular knot between the vertical and horizontal wires. Other names are “Stocklock”, “Farmlock”, or “Griplock” which have slightly different knots. This netting is attached to steel or timber posts, in conjunction with plain wire or barbed wire, depending on the livestock requirements.


  • Economical  
  • Controls livestock as well as movement of people and vehicles 

This type of fencing is suitable for large-scale farms or small acreage properties. Different livestock require different types of fencing. It is installed with your particular property in mind to suit your particular needs. It is ideal for all forms of stock control including horses, cattle, sheep and goats. 

  • Fencing Built To Last

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